Our team

Founder of fintexx - women in finance

Dr. Carolin Gabor

Carolin joined finleap, the leading fintech ecosystem in Europe,  in May 2016. She was Managing Partner until 2019 when she took over the position as CEO of Joonko.

Before joining finleap Carolin spent ten years working for Boston Consulting Group as a strategic consultant in the field of financial services and M&A. Afterwards, she became the CEO of Toptarif.de and later held the CEO position of autohaus24.de GmbH, both of which were successfully exited to strategic buyers.

Working in this sector on a high level Carolin experienced many times to be the only woman in meetings, on stage, or several other occasions. And she knows herself how differently men and women network.

Out of these experiences she developed the idea to get in contact with more women and build a strong female network to do professional business - And there are actually a lot of successful women working in tech and finance!

The team behind fintexx - women in finance 

Solveig Rathenow

Solveig makes sure that the fintexx - women in finance network is well known within the tech sector and financial places like Frankfurt or London. She also writes about our members. If you want to have your profile published, write her an e-mail: info@fintexxwomen.com

Johanna Eßer

Johanna organizes the fintexx - women in finance events. She also manages our partnerships and makes sure the network growths. If you have an idea for the next event or want to host one, write her an e-mail: info@fintexxwomen.com

Ina Froehner

Ina is finleap’s Head of Communications and supports us with the overall PR strategy.

Carlotta Mondino

Carlotta supports us with developing business opportunities for the fintexx women network.

Cecilia Ludueña

Cecilia is responsible for the design of our brand and of the website.